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Until Next Time

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Fandom: Harry Potter | Last updated: October 31. 2016 | Chapters: 5/? | Status: WIP

The hand on my heart clenched painfully. I stiffened and gritted my teeth. My eyes stung and I couldn't breathe. I was there. I had reached the point where it hurt so bad I didn't know how to live for one more second.

War. We do what we can to find comfort and hope.

A Wolf's Soul

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Fandom: Harry Potter | Last updated: February 18. 2011 | Chapters: 19/19 | Status: Complete

My parents had the kind of love that touched everyone around them. I searched hard for my own soul deep love while I was at Hogwarts. By my last year I had given up. But then there was the start of term feast, and in walked a thin, tired, shabby old man.