A Wolf's Soul

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My parents had the kind of love that touched everyone around them. I searched hard for my own soul deep love while I was at Hogwarts. By my last year I had given up. But then there was the start of term feast, and in walked a thin, tired, shabby old man.

Fandom: Harry Potter
Chapters: 19/19
Main character(s): Niamh Farraday, Remus Lupin
Other character(s): Tia Clowes
Last updated: February 18. 2011
Status: Complete

Chapter 1 - What My Parents Have
The start of term feast, and in walked a thin, tired, shabby old man.

Chapter 2 - Halloween Commotions
Sirius Black attacks the Fat Lady and Professor Lupin is in charge of the sleeping arrangements in the Great Hall.

Chapter 3 - The Four Legged Blur
The Dementor were now more active than before. I was very glad that Professor Lupin had promised to teach us the Patronus Charm as soon as possible.

Chapter 4 - Commandeering Offices
Tia has questions and there are discussions about commandeering Remus' office.

Chapter 5 - Vibrations
There was something different about him though, now after Christmas. I couldn't quite put my wand on it, but something had changed.

Chapter 6 - Disappearing and Duelling
Sirius Black attacks a third year and Professor Lupin is correcting my wand movements on a Protection Spell.

Chapter 7 - Exploring Vibrations
I was now sure that no one else but me could sense the vibrations that came from either me or Professor Lupin whenever we were close to each other. So I decided I had to ask him.

Chaper 8 - The Best Next Door
I was revising for Defence in the library, focusing on dangerous creatures. That's when I saw the signs, someone at Hogwarts was a werewolf!

Chapter 9 - Remus
Reading that book all night made it very difficult to focus in class. Professor Lupin noticed something was up, and asked me to come to his office.

Chapter 10 - The Werewolf
I try my Patronus again, and now it comes out fully corporeal. It's quite an unusual form, I think. I go to the only person I think can have something to say about it.

Chapter 11 - The Secret Is Out
During a full moon howling and whining can be heard from outside the grounds, and during breakfast a rumour spreads like fire. People can be mean, and friends can be different than you thought.

Chapter 12 - Resigning and Planning
The rumour is confirmed for all students, and I have a chat with Remus about it. We make plans.

Chapter 13 - The Shrieking Shack
School is over, and I'm waiting impatiently for the day I can see Remus again. The day comes, and we meet up in Hogsmeade, where he shows me the Shrieking Shack.

Chapter 14 - Knowing Each Other
The day by the Shrieking Shack continues and Remus and I talk about our pasts, some grief and try to figure out why we trust each other.

Chapter 15 - Take Me Home
Remus and I can't stay away from each other, and after two weeks my parents are getting a bit suspicious. Remus takes me home with him today.

Chapter 16 - Heated and Dangerous
Still at Remus' house, where he makes me dinner. Afterwards we once get passionate on the couch, and for the umpteenth time Remus breaks it before it turns interesting. I've finally grown tired of it.

Chapter 17 - Waiting
Remus has left and I'm devastated. I decide to wait for him, and make time go by Flooing my parents to tell them about the situation.

Chapter 18 - What My Parents Have, Now Mine
Remus comes back and he seems angry to see me still there at his house. I try to make him see that I don't care about him being a werewolf or what people will say. Not sure if I'll succeed.

It's March 1998 and the war is going strong. What happened with Remus and me after that July day in 1994?