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Out of Commission

Fandom: MCU | Posted: June 19. 2016 | Words: 5440

“I’m sorry, Captain, if my mind is trying to find some kind of outlet. I can’t fucking train, I can’t fucking work, I can’t fucking get m-” I stopped myself. That wasn’t really any of Steve’s business, was it. “I can’t fucking do anything.”

Leather and Skin

Fandom: MCU | Posted: May 4. 2016 | Words: 2420

“Steve?” I wrenched open the door and burst out, freezing for a third time. It was Steve alright, but like I had never seen him before. (...) “Now,” I demanded. “Need you now.”

Until Next Time

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Fandom: Harry Potter | Posted: July 31. 2011 | Words: 2993

I walked down the short corridor, having a particular room in mind, when suddenly someone grabbed my arm from behind. "We have to stop meeting in this fashion." "I know." "I just can't help it." "I know."