Bucky trying to be the hero

Bucky trying to be the heroBucky trying to be the hero

@sinfulsanctuary 1. He looks fucking hot (shirt tucked into the front is so unnecessary). 2. He looks like he's having an important convo.


Fandom: MCU | Characters: Bucky Barnes | Written: August 28. 2016

"Listen here, do you know who I am?" Bucky only just barely refrained from yelling into the phone. "I don't give a rat's ass about your stupid rules!" He was losing his patience after twenty minutes of waiting to get through to customer service and then arguing for the last ten minutes. "I am The Winter Soldier and - What do you mean who is the winter soldier?! The. Winter. Soldier. The ghost story. The legend. The assa-"

Maybe he shouldn't mention assassin. Though he didn't like what he once was, threatening with it sometimes came in handy, but Maria would break his bones if she had to clean up after him again.

Bucky gritted his teeth, breathed through them, before continuing. "Shut up and let me explain this to you again. My girlfriend and I was on a date earlier today, she had her eyes set on the first prize in your ring toss, but somehow all the rings landed short of the bottles. She is- Well, she doesn't miss. Ever. But your game is obvious-"

His hand clenched around his phone and he was glad he was holding it with his flesh hand, or Tony would have his head for breaking his precious gadget.

"She does not miss, and no, I wouldn't dream of winning it for her if she wanted to do it herself! What would it matter anyway if your game is-" He halted as the person on the phone began protesting, but he was so fed up and finally began shouting. "YOUR GAME IS RIGGED! Fuck this! Do you know the Avengers? Yes, you know them, don't you. Know that little firecracker with the ability to summon dragons? Real, live dragons? Throwing daggers while jumping from dragon to dragon? Yeah, you think she'd ever miss at your stupid ring toss?"

There was the sound of soft footsteps coming into the kitchen, but Bucky didn't acknowledge them.

A grim smile spread across his face. "Yeah, that was really her. And - Oh, so now you remember who The Winter Soldier is! Listen, she wants that giant teddy-bear and you better get someone to deliver it here in ten minutes or I'm gonna -"


He spun around and saw you, Dragonbreath herself, standing there, a slight grin on your lips, despite the confusion in your eyes. "Hold please," he said ever so politely to the person on the other line.

"What are you doing, Bucky? Who are you talking to?"

"I'm trying to get you that teddy-bear, doll."

You shook your head, a few fiery sparks emanating from your hair. You reached up and took the phone from him and hung up. "I know the games are all rigged. I had fun trying."

"But you were so upset -"

"Acting, handsome, acting." You pulled on his grey t-shirt, dragging him to you, and his hands automatically found their way to your waist, pulling you flush against him. When he still looked a little put off, you put your hands on either side of his face, and looked up into his steely eyes. "I already got the first prize."

Bucky chuckled. "Oh, that's so cliché, but I do agree with you."

You stood up on your toes and pulled him down to you, pressing your lips to his. His hands wandered, one up into your hair, and the other down to cup your ass, the metal cold on your skin as it pulled the short skirt up a little. It made you giggle and pull away to tuck your face into the crook of his neck.

Bucky lifted you up to straddle him and you made it clear that you wanted to collect your prize by grinding yourself into him, earning a groan. He took the hint and started towards your room while you began tasting the skin on his neck. But The Winter Soldier was still miffed about the phone call he'd had.

"Oh, I remember you, you're Dragonbreath's boyfriend," he muttered. "I'm the freaking legend, she's just the Av-"

"Don't you dare finish that sentence James Buchanan Barnes!"

Just as The Winter Soldier ripped the panties off Dragonbreath, the doorbell rang, and one of the other Avengers answered.

"Delivery for Dragonbreath's boyfriend."

There was a scared looking boy of around 17, holding a brown teddy-bear almost bigger than himself, a small baby blue scooter parked behind him.