Sam being jealous of Bucky

Sam being jealous of Bucky


I had a plan, and searched for inspiration while falling asleep, but slept before I could think of anything, but then you provided this morning. Enjoy this little drabble!

Fandom: MCU | Characters: Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes | Written: August 2016

You had just gotten home from a five day long mission with Bucky. It had been a busy one, with not much time or opportunity to worry about hygiene, so you had gone straight home to take a long, hot shower, not even bothering to get checked up at the infirmary.

The bathroom was steamy and you could barely see longer than your nose when you stepped out of the shower. Feeling your muscles having relaxed under the scorching water, your took a content sigh as you wandered over the mirror to wipe away the condensation there.

A tired face surrounded by dripping wet hair met you. There was a cut on your cheek right below your eye. You leaned towards your reflection and gingerly put your finger to it. It had stung a bit when you got shampoo in it, but it looked alright.

As the ventilation drew out more and more of the steamy air, your body was revealed. There was a couple of bruises there, but it was nothing to worry about. Nothing that wouldn't fade in a couple of days.

But as you started drying off, you noticed another bruise. Frowning, you held up your left arm, leaning towards the mirror again. You couldn't remember having gotten that one. None of the fighting you had done could have caused that, all the way up on your bicep. It didn't look like any old bruise either.

But as you continued your process and felt the soreness in your legs as you stretched them, it came back to you. You straightened up quickly, lifting your arm again and staring wide eyed at the blue mark.

That was Bucky! Oh shit!

The last night, you had taken into a motel, desperate for some sleep in a decent bed before the last leg of the mission and the journey home. All that fighting and adrenaline had made you both quite desperate for each other, and the moment the door had been locked behind you, Bucky pounced. His metal arm had grabbed your left one and pulled you back towards his chest, then spun you both around so you were trapped between the wall and his body. Almost literally between a rock and a hard place.

He had pulled your braid away from your shoulder with his flesh hand, giving him access, and pressed his lips to the skin just visible there. Then he had growled into your ear, his breath fanning across you cheek. "I fucking need you, doll."

Bucky had pushed you harder into the wall, his grip on you hurting a bit. "Feel that?" he had asked as he pressed his hips to your ass. "I've been thinking about nothing else during the drive over here."

You had moaned at the feeling of him against you, and it was safe to say the two of you didn't get as much sleep as you would have liked.

And that bruise, must have come from Bucky handling you like that. How would you explain this to Sam?

Sam wasn't the jealous type, but he'd rather the both of them wreck you together, than separately. Well, you would just make sure to put some makeup on it to cover it up until it had faded.

But fate would not have it that way, as the Falcon himself came barging through the bathroom door at that exact moment. "Hey, beautiful! I saw Bucky, he said the mission went well?"

You hastily dropped your arm, then pulled Sam into a kiss and a hug. "Yeah, everything went well. Bad guys captured, hard drives collected, all well."

Then you felt Sam stiffen in your arms for a moment, before he pushed you away and held you at arms length. "What's that on your arm? That looks very much like a Winter Soldier hand! What did you do? What did he do?"

Damn, he must have seen the bruise in the mirror.

He held up your arm and looked accusingly at you, the bruise, then you again.

"Calm down, Sam. We just had a bit of fun the last night."

"A bit of fun? A bit of fun? You know that's not how we roll." He waved his hand to indicate the two of you, then threw it over his shoulder to wherever Bucky was on the compound.

"It's not like we never did that on a mission!" you retorted.

His jaw was locked tight, and his nostrils flared. "I'm gonna kill that little meat freezer." Sam then let go of you and ran back out of the bathroom.

"Sam, no!" you called after him, starting to run, but then realised your were very much naked. Instead, you rushed into the bedroom, fumbled for your phone and dialed Bucky's number. He didn't answer. "One day, I'm gonna fucking force him to join this damn century!" you hissed to yourself and tossed the phone onto the bed, scrambled for a pair of shorts and a tank top, haphazardly putting them on as you ran through your living area and off in pursuit of your boyfriends before they killed each other.