Roadtrip with Evans

Roadtrip with Evans

My baby drove off in a brand new Cadillac. She said "Hey, come here daddy! I ain't never coming back".



Why would you do this? I'm so glad I live alone, because I am making so many strange noises... I'm even scaring myself.

Fandom: N/A | Characters: Chris Evans | Written: August 12. 2016


Broken down car. A rusty red, old thing. Miles from the nearest house. Just a long straight road as far as the eye could see. Sand to the left, sand to the right. Scorching sun, and just dregs left in a soda bottle. No battery, no signal, no phone.

I sat down, leaning against the hot metal. Ran a hand through my hair, pulling it away from my sweaty face. I was doomed. Best I could do was wait for nightfall, and I could start walking god know how many miles until some kind of civilisation.

Banging my head back against the car, I screamed my frustration to the sun, my voice breaking when I ran out of air.

An hour had passed. There was no shade. Maybe I could slide down under the car. But with my luck, it would probably fall apart and crush me. Desperately looking around for something to shield myself with before I got heat-stroke. Nothing. So I pulled off my tank-top and put it over my head.

Soon, I fell asleep.

Not noticing the vintage khaki coloured car, coming closer. And closer. And closer.

"Need a ride, baby?"

The voice woke me. I tore off the fabric hanging over my head and set my eyes on a man I had never seen before. He leaned partly out of the opened window, a maroon plaid shirt rolled up to the elbow, revealing strong arms. Buzz cut hair and a light beard. The most dreamy eyes I had ever seen, and lips that had me automatically lick my own.

"Who are you?" My voice was hoarse from lack of use and lack of hydration.

His lips smiled slightly, and disappeared into the car, reaching for something in the back. Re-emerging, he offered me a bottle of water. It was already full of condensation.

It was cold.

I reached for it, not even considering if this stranger was trying to poison me. As soon as the cold bottle touched my skin, I moaned. I tore it open and downed half of it. Poured the rest over my head, feeling it cooling the skin, as it trickled down my chest, soaking my bra.

The stranger cleared his throat. Looking up, there was a smirk on his lips. "Chris," he said, holding out his hand.

I corked the bottle and stood up, only to stumble from the head rush.

"Wow, girl!" This Chris quickly got out of the car and helped steady me as I fell backwards into my car. His touch burned my skin. "Do you need a ride?"

This close, I could smell him. It was a warm, comforting scent, and it made my head spin even more.

I laid a hand on his chest to push him away, but was taken aback by the firmness of him and looked slowly up into his face. It was a movie moment.

Before I had a chance to even begin to want to kiss him, he cleared his throat and let me go.

Able to stand on my own, I presented myself. "My car is dead. I could use a ride to the nearest town."

He gestured for his car, and I grabbed my things and sat into the shade of the car.

The ride was quiet. But the tension could be cut with a knife. We tried to keep a conversation going, but the tension only grew. I had not put my top back on, and even though the car was cool, he had unbuttoned the top of his shirt.

Suddenly, with an exclamation of fuck this, Chris veered off onto a side road, at great speed. I grew wary, seeing the whites of his knuckles as he held onto the wheel.

When the main road was a thin line in the rear-view mirror, he stepped on the break, and we came to a deadly quiet halt.

He looked at me, and the fear that had grown in me, evaporated. Chris moved towards me, and crashed his lips against mine, one hand in my hair and the other dangerously high on my thigh. His tongue moved against my own, possessing me.

With a smack, he pulled back, jaw grinding. He walked out of the car and to my side, opening the door, a hand held out to me.

I don't know what had come over me, but I took it, and let him pull me from the car. The door slammed shut, and he pushed me against it. Lips crashing again, and hands grabbing my thighs so I could wrap myself around him. I was trapped between the metal and glass, and his equally hard body.

I reached into his shirt, ripping it open and raking my nails down his back. He bucked into me, and then there was the sound of a zipper. My skirt was bunched up around my waist, panties pulled aside, and then, I was on fire.