Sam and Steve playing pool

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Sam and Steve playing pool Sam and Steve playing pool Sam and Steve playing pool


I am absolutely exhausted, but I wanna try this, and it's probably gonna be full of mistakes, because my fingers are very uncoordinated today… But you just had to get back to work, and I'm gonna take a nap first.

Fandom: MCU | Characters: Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson | Written: July 31. 2016

"Watch this, Cap," Sam said, his voice full of confidence.

You turned your attention to the boys, turning slightly in your seat on the couch, to watch them.

Sam leaned forward, hand on the table and cue between his thumb and forefinger. You watched as his eyes narrowed, gaging the balls path across the table. Steve leaned forward, a cocky grin on his face, he had no faith in Sam's shot.

But the Falcon moved the cue, and pushed the white ball forwards. It rolled, scattering the small group of striped balls. Three of them fell down into different pockets.

"Woo hooooo!" Sam called out triumphantly, but then one of Steve's solids had been hit just a little too hard and began rolling to one of the corner pockets. "No no, you bastard. Come back, come back." He walked around the table, wiggling his fingers at it, urging it to turn around. It didn't listen and fell into the hole with a thud.

You couldn't help but snort, and that caught the attention of both boys.

"Was that funny?" The Falcon asked, eyeing you with his eyebrows raised.

"A little bit," you replied, not at all intimidated.

"It was funny," Steve agreed with you, and began planning his next move.

"I had just gotten to actually play," Sam whined. "Super Cap over there just won't let anyone else get a ball in."

"Sore looser, Wilson?" You teased, turning fully around towards them, showing off your crossed bare legs, laying your hands delicately across the smooth fabric of the red dress.

One of Sam's eyebrows raised, and his eyes quickly glanced down your legs, to your bouncing calf and up again, before snapping to your face.

"Careful, babe," he warned.

Steve had just put another solid away, and Sam nudged his side with his elbow, his head nodding towards you. Both men looked you up and down, and you felt excitement bubble beneath your skin, sure there was a faint blush on your cheeks.

"What?" you asked, still not intimidated, and trying not to let their attention get to you.

Sam walked over to you and leaned down, hands on the couch on either side of you. His breath wafted over you, smelling slightly of beer, and his cheek brushed yours lightly as he moved towards you ear, stubble tickling. "I know I'm gonna get at least two more balls to score tonight."

You couldn't help but shudder at his very obvious pun.

He straightened up, and turned to Steve, who was leaning against the table, gazing at his friend's actions. "You wanna take that bet Steve?"

"What bet?"

"I bet I'm gonna score two more balls tonight."

Steve pondered for a moment, then looked you straight in the eye. "I bet she's gonna score two stripes and two solids tonight."