Sebastian got you tied up

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Sebastian got you tied up

@iguess-theyre-mymess You may want to wait until you're home from work before reading this. You have been warned, several times. Enjoy!

Fandom: N/A | Characters: Sebastian Stan | Written: July 2016

"You're still here?"

"Where else would I fucking be, Sebastian?" You shook your hands, the tight ropes tying your hands to the bed posts made the headboard rattle a little. You were a little fed up with lying there for the past two hours, stark naked, your hands and legs tied to each post.

"I thought you'd have gotten yourself untied by now." Sebastian sat down on the chair by the window, crossing his legs and leaning back casually. "I was hoping you hadn't, but still... It's you."

"You beg me to let you tie me up, you tease me, and then you fucking leave! And you know damn well the only way I'd be able to get out of these knots would be to chew off my limbs! Which I can't reach, by the way!" You demonstrated by straining against your bonds, and they were pretty tight, leaving you absolutely no room to maneuver. "And it's cold in here."

"I can see that." He chuckled, straightening up just a little, to see the evidence of the chill on your nipples.

You huffed and turned your head to stare at the wardrobe.

"Are you mad at me, doll?" he said in a teasing voice, infuriating you even more, but you suddenly didn't want to give him that satisfaction, besides, the rope was starting to hurt.

You relaxed onto the bed. "No."

"I think you are. And I might just make it up to you." Sebastian sat up and leaned his elbows on his knees. "What do you want me to do?"

"Untie me."

"Noooo," he dragged the word out. "I don't think so. Something else."

In the silence that followed, you got curious and raised your head to look at him. His eyes roamed over you, lips pursed in thought. Anticipation began creeping into you, and you felt the familiar pulsation between your legs. Damn him for having that effect on you, when you wanted to be mad at him.

Suddenly he laughed, darkly, seeing what was happening between your legs, and licked his lips. "You're enjoying yourself, after all?"

Involuntarily, you writhed against your restraints, finding that you needed him to touch you now, to finish what he had begged for more than two hours ago. "Please, Sebastian." Your voice was almost a whimper.

Sebastian stood up and shrugged off his jacket and it landed with a soft thud on the carpeted floor. "Good girl, beg for me." He strode over with purpose, like a predator. He hadn't even touched you, and you arched towards him. "I can see how much you want me already. Tell me you want me."

He set his knees on the bed between your legs, leaning forward, his hands on either side of you waist, dark hair falling over his eyes. All the arousal from his teasing earlier that day came crashing over you, and you whimpered, tugging on the ropes around your hands, wanting to touch him, to guide him to where you needed him the most.

"Tell me." He breathed out the words, the warm air wafting over your stomach.

"Please," you begged again, trying your hardest to reach him. He shook his head, it was not what he wanted to hear. He blew gently over your skin, and you shivered and burned at the same time. "Please, Sebastian. I want you." Your voice was shaking. "Touch me, please, touch me."

With movements so quick you didn't get any time to prepare, he had leaned back, and laid one hand on your stomach to keep you still, and with the other he pressed a thumb to your button and slid two fingers easily into your drenched heat.

The surprise of having him right there so soon, with no build up, had you heaving for breath and straining against your bonds so hard your were gonna have wounds there in the morning. But you didn't care. Because you knew that Sebastian was going to do you so fucking good, that a few rope burns was a small prize to pay for being so thoroughly fucked you would feel him between your legs for days.