Teasing Steve in public

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Teasing Steve in public Teasing Steve in public Teasing Steve in public

@iguess-theyre-mymess You said it, and I couldn't get it out of my head. So I blame you for this drabble.

Fandom: MCU | Characters: Steve Rogers | Written: July 2016

A bright red skirt, down to just above her knees. As the breeze ruffled the trees, the skirt waved around her smooth thighs. White lace blouse, just sheer enough that when the sun shone in the right direction, the perfectly curved outline of her waist could be seen.

Steve could hardly tear his eyes away from her. Sam and Bucky were talking to the reporter, but he wasn't quite sure what the topic was. It was much more interesting watching her, how engaged she was in conversation with Natasha, Clint, Wanda and two other reporters.

Something made her laugh, just as Steve tried to focus on the conversation around him, and he snapped his eyes to her again. Her shoulders shook with laughter, as she laid her hand delicately on one of the reporters' arm, and she bounced on her high heels, making the skirt wave back and forth like a bell.

He suppressed a groan, feeling his heart roar in jealousy and his jeans tighten just a little bit. Then, as if she knew he was staring, she looked back over her shoulder and his eyes snapped up to meet hers. With lips that matched the skirt, she smiled knowingly at him.

He raised one eyebrow, letting her know that her suspicions were correct. Then to tease him even more, as she returned her attention to her friends, she swayed her hips a little bit, and discreetly let her hands glide down the curve of her back. Down her ass, grabbing the skirt and flaring it out.

Steve looked down and shuffled his feet. She knew exactly how to get him going, to tease him, knew every little button to push. Their relationship was still a secret, no one knew that she rarely spent the nights in her own quarters. From that first tentative night after that one mission, when they both needed the comfort, to this day, it had escalated quickly. To the point where Steve felt he would starve without her.

He cleared his throat, trying to regain composure and focus on the questions that were being asked. From the corner of his eyes, he saw her glance back again, but he refused to show that she distracted him, other than clenching his jaw and straightening his shoulders.

He needed this little publicity thing to be over. Now.

Just as the last door closed leaving them alone in the hall, Steve grabbed her before she could get into her own quarters. Steve didn't mind her quarters, but there was something about having her in his own domain that awakened some primitive need in him.

The door shut behind them and Steve pushed her against it, towering over her. "You think you can tease me like that in public and get away with it?" He pulled her arms above her head, and locked them in his strong grip. "You think you can flirt with every man there and not think I'm going to punish you?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," she replied, pushing her hips into him.

In response, Steve growled, and pushed his hips back, letting her know just what she was responsible for. "Feel that? That's all you. And this is what you get for teasing your captain."

Steve abruptly grabbed her thighs and hoisted her up, trapped her between himself and the door. He pressed his lips to hers, greedily kissing and claiming her mouth, his tongue tasting everything she was.

She ground her scantily clad centre into him, desperate for friction. Her hands wound into his hair and she scraped her nails down his scalp, then tugged at the short tresses at the nape of his neck.

Steve bit down on her bottom lip and started for the bedroom. He had had enough teasing, it was time she learned the consequences of her actions.