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Fandom: MCU | Characters: Steve Rogers | Written: June 2016

You have that code word, or that look, or something, that lets him know that tonight, that's the Steve you need. And his entire demeanour changes.

His eyes darken, he stands taller, he moves with more deliberation, he sneers at you, rolls his eyes. And then, when the day is over and the sun has set, you lock the doors. You shiver with the anticipation that had building throughout the day, knowing that you are completely at Steve's mercy until the alarm rings in the morning.

The lights go out. Your heart pounding in your chest, you turn slowly around, and see Steve staring at you. The glare from the moon shining through the windows lighting his features in an ominous way.

"Silly girl, locking yourself in with a predator." His voice is dark, threatening. "You don't know what you've just done."

He stalks towards you and you back up against the door, laying your hand on the lock, just in case.

A cruel laugh rolls off his tongue. "You think you might actually escape me?" He clicks his tongue in a condescending way. "I haven't lost a prey yet. What makes you think this will be any different?"

"P-please, sir. Please, let me go," you whimper, cowering against the door. Steve is right in front of you now, glaring down at you. He shakes his head slowly, with a cold smile, his eyes filled with dark promises.

This close, they catch the moonlight in a hypnotising way, making them look like an ocean during the full moon. They're the only thing you see as his hand suddenly wraps around your throat. He holds tight enough to make your feet lift slightly off the floor.

You gasp. Fear and arousal washing you through you in equal amount.

Again, he laughs, loudly, throwing his head back. And just as abruptly as he started, he stops. His other hand moves up to cup your cheek, then he puts two fingers into your mouth. You instinctively wrap your lips around them, struggling to keep yourself from sucking greedily.

"Come on. Make them nice and wet. It's for your own benefit."

You don't do as he says.

Steve tightens his hold around your neck, and you gasp slightly at the lightheaded feeling that follows. "That's how you want it? Very well."

He pulls his fingers from your mouth, scraping them along your teeth, and reach beneath the skirt you had worn for the occasion. He grips your panties and rip them off, then shove two fingers into you.


You write this and then go to bed just like that???