Tom and Sebastian coming for you

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Tom and Sebastian coming for you Tom and Sebastian coming for you


Tom and Sebastian coming for you

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Fandom: N/A | Characters: Tom Hiddleston, Sebastian Stan | Written: June 2016

In the outskirts of the city, two men parked their cars. Not on the same lot, but with a reasonable distance between them. With the same destination in mind, they began walking.

Tom spotted what looked like two paparazzi leaning against a big black SUV outside a restaurant, and instinctively pulled the collar of his jacket up. Dammit, why had he left his hat and sunglasses at home? Their cameras weren't out, but he was sure they weren't far away.

He walked a little quicker, taking out his phone, looking down and slightly away, pretending he wasn't there.

Not far away, Sebastian walked with purpose, his hands in his pockets, head bowed down. He too cursed himself for forgetting his cap. But she had called, wanting him, and everything else had fled his mind.

Closer to their destination, both men caught up with each other on the street. They stopped, momentarily taken aback, but they quickly understood what she had in mind for the evening, and continued on in silence.

Suddenly, they heard the familiar click of a camera. Tom snapped his head around, locating the source of the sound.

There were rumours, about a certain woman, that had been seen with Tom and Sebastian, several times, but never all three together. The glossy magazines and the trashy gossip sites always had a field day when she was spotted with one them. Painting a picture of the other man as broken-hearted and cheated by the woman he loves and his friend. She was described as a man eater, never able to make up her volatile mind.

Some had begun speculating about a more intricate love-triangle, that she actually was involved with both men at the same time, with consent from both. But no one managed to get evidence for this.

That's what caused Tom to glare at the camera lens, and stop Sebastian. "Go, take a detour," he hissed, pushing the other man away. For show, they glared murder at each other, and Sebastian stormed away in the other direction.

The camera was clicking wildly, catching every little detail of their short quarrel, and Sebastian could imagine the headlines.

Loki and Bucky - more trouble for their love-triangle?

If only they knew, he thought. If only they knew.

Sebastian had thought she had called only him. But if she had called Tom too… He was in for an interesting night.

Having shaken off the paparazzi, the men met again at the start of the road leading up to her house.

"Should we tell her?" Sebastian asked.

Tom glanced at his friend, thinking it over. "Yes," he replied with a grin.

Reaching the end of the long road, they entered a huge driveway. Tall trees on each side, leading up to a ridiculously large mansion and a luxurious garden. Usually, there was at least one gardener around, but today the place was eerily quiet.

As they stopped at the front door, ringing the bell, they shared a look, wondering what was going on. What mood she was in.

"Yes?" her voice answered the ring, her face appearing at the small screen next to the door. "Oh, hello, boys."

"The paparazzi saw us in the city," Tom explained before she could open the door.

"We went different ways, but they took pictures. It's gonna be online any minute," Sebastian continued.

Her eyes turned steely, they saw she surveyed their lack of disguises. Without another word from her, the door opened. The two men let out relieved breaths, and entered. Behind them, the door closed and there was the ominous sound of it being locked.

At the top of the golden double staircase, she stood, wearing a long sheer black blouse, unbuttoned and covering most of her naked body. "Leave your clothes on the counter. You will be punished for your mistake tonight."