Teasing Sebastian

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Teasing Sebastian Teasing Sebastian

Now, good morning, @arelyhb

Fandom: N/A | Characters: Sebastian Stan | Written: May 2016

"You look beautiful, doll," Sebastian croak as you walk across the hall. He stares hungrily at you in your long, silky dress, the fabric fitting perfectly around your every curve.

"What was that?" you ask. You heard him, but you want him to say it again.

He clears his throat and straightens up. As he speaks, he looks straight into your eyes. "I said," his voice is a lot more confident, "you look beautiful."

"Oh, I know." You smirk and wink. As you reach him, you lay your hands on his chest, running them down along the lapels. "You clean up quite nicely yourself, Sebastian."

He leans in to kiss you, but you put your fingers to his lips. "Ah-ah, you're not gonna ruin my make-up again." To tease him, you let your hand wander down, cupping him as you lick slowly over his stubble and whisper, "There's time for that later."

You feel him shiver against you. "You little…" he hisses. "You'll pay for that."