Imagine hanging out with these 3 beautiful men

From Tumblr:

Imagine hanging out with these 3 beautiful men. @sinfulsanctuary

At a bar... being the only girl at their table.

Maybe they'll try to impress you and fight a little bit for your attention. They'll pay for the drinks... but who will ask you to dance first? Or what if it turns into a sexy moment and the 4 of you dance at the same time?

What if one of them kissed you? Or what if all of them did but at different times because they didn't want the others to know. What if each one thought they had shared a moment in secret but you actually played them all? In an innocent way of course, not so innocent after all.

(I read this right after waking up, bleary eyed and sideways in bed (you evil evil woman @arelyhb), and continued the story in my head while being stuck in traffic on the way to work. And here I am at work, being naughty and typing this up in every available minute.)

Fandom: N/A | Characters: Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie | Written: May 2016

"Hey, you want another drink?" Anthony asked, pointing to your empty glass.

"Sure, one more of the same," you replied, though not sure you should have any more alcohol tonight. Just the presence of these three sinfully handsome and very attentive men were making you lightheaded.

Just as Anthony moved through the throng of dancing bodies, Sebastian stood up. "I need a word with the DJ." And he disappeared too, leaving you alone with Chris.

"Finally alone," he almost growled and slid closer to you on the seat, breathing down your neck, making goosebumps erupt all over your exposed skin. One of his sneaky, warm hands landed high on your thigh.

You turned your head and looked straight into his electric blue eyes, the flickering light from the fake candle on the table dancing in them. "Oh, really?"

He snuck a glance around the room, then planted his lips on your shoulder and you couldn't help but gasp. He licked the skin, then hooked a finger under your chin, and guided your lips to his. Chris tasted of beer and cigarettes and everything your mother had warned about.

You leaned in towards his body, laying your hands on his hard chest, while his took a firm hold of your chin and the other snuck even higher on your thigh, so close you could feel the heat radiating off him against your core. A moan left you, but before you could really lose yourself in the kiss, he moved abruptly away. Your eyes fluttered open with a whimper, and you saw Anthony walking back, a glass in each hand. And before you knew it, you whispered to Chris, "Midnight, 412."

"Here ya go, beautiful." Anthony set a glass down in front of you, and you took a small sip. But as he slid into the seat next to you, the smell of his delicious cologne came back and it made you lightheaded. "Where'd the asset go?"

"He had to talk to the DJ, apparently," Chris replied, looking around the room for his friend.

The song changed. You recognised it at the first note, and if you hadn't already been flushed from the alcohol and Chris' kiss, you would have burned. During a particularly boring downtime between filming, where you and Sebastian had made smalltalk to pass the time, you had admitted that it was your guilty pleasure, the song that always got you going. You couldn't believe he remembered.

But the grin showing on his face as he approached the table, told you that you should never have spilled your secret. He held one hand out to you, tongue darting out to lick his lips. The song had done what Sebastian intended, and you didn't even hesitate, as you indicated for Chris to let you pass. Instead of sliding down and up, the little devil moved just a little to make enough room for you to inch past him. Shooting him a dirty look, you moved, and received a slap on the ass on the way.

Sebastian took your hand, and pulled you into the mass of people. "I hear you like this song," he said, smirking.

"Fuck you, Seb. I never should have said anything about that." You playfully slapped his chest. But he only grabbed your hand and laid it across his shoulder. Your other hand followed, and he placed his hands on your hips, pulling you close.

"Fuck me, huh? Just say the word."

You let him guide your movements in time with the beat as your stared into each others eyes. The rhythm of the song was languid, the words sinful and the look in Sebastian's icy blue eyes seemed to promise you each and every word.

The song was coming to an end, and he pulled you flush against his body, crashing his lips and hips to yours. His tongue pushed into you and let there be no mistaking what he wanted from you. You tugged at the long dark tresses on his neck.

All too soon, he pulled back. You were almost putty in his hands, but somehow managed to stand straight, and before you knew what you were doing, the words slipped out of your mouth, "Midnight, 412."

"My turn," came a demanding and playful voice behind you.

You glanced behind you, seeing the glint in Anthony's chocolate brown eyes. You cocked your head in an agreeing motion, and turned to see if it was okay with Sebastian, but he was gone.

The beat was quicker now, but no less seductive. Anthony pulled your back against his chest, aligning his body with yours. He leaned his head over your shoulder, singing along with the female voice of the song.

The warmth of the spring evening, the heat from the grinding bodies, the buzz of the alcohol. Anthony's hands freely wandering over your stomach, your hips, almost but never touching anywhere inappropriate. It was becoming too much, you felt like you were burning up.

Before the song ended, you twisted around in his arms and pulled his head down to yours. Meshing his plump lips with your own, you were demanding. Your hand slid down between your bodies, cupping him through his jeans. Anthony groaned into your mouth and was about to take back control, when you pulled away, stood up on your toes and whispered into his ear, "Midnight, 412."

Then you ducked and disappeared into the mass of colours and sweaty bodies.

Around midnight, three men left their rooms. One walked down the hall, the second descended the stairs, since the third had hailed the elevator. On the fourth floor, they all slowed as they spotted each other, all heading for room 412.

Stopping outside the door, they glanced at each other, communicating without words, all realising what had transpired that evening. With wicked grins and dark eyes, one of them raised a hand to knock on the door.